Cloudy lemonade

Cloudy lemonade

It feels as though summer is finally here (even though the weather this week looks less full of sparkly blue skies than last week)! At the weekend, Peter’s sister came to visit, and we had a party on Saturday night. It was so fun, and we made a couple of really delicious drinks that people could use as mixers with whichever tipple they fancied. This recipe for cloudy lemonade went down a treat, so I thought I would share it with you. It’s adapted from Felicity Cloake’s alcoholic lemonade recipe.

You’ll need:

6 lemons
200g sugar
200ml water
water or soda water
your liquor of choice

Find these ingredients in your favourite supermarket

Trim down the lemons so that the ends and thickest part of the rinds are removed. Don’t worry about getting them completely peeled – the pith and peel is what makes the lemonade cloudy! Cut into chunks.

Add the lemon chunks with the sugar and small quantity of water and blend with a stick blender (or if you have a big blender you could just put it all in there).

Pass everything through a fine sieve, pressing to get all the liquid through. The result is quite thick, but I prefer to leave it at this stage so that people can adjust the strength to their taste and add whichever liquor they fancy!  I went with a large shot of rum, about half a glass of lemonade and then topped up the rest with soda water. DELICIOUS! Perfect for a warm summer night (plus you could, of course, just have it mixed with soda water and nix the booze if you so wished!).

Making cloudy lemonade
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