Spiced popcorn

Spiced popcorn

For some reason, I’ve always thought making popcorn was really hard. I’ve only ever made the microwave popcorn variety, which I used to love, but now find too strongly flavoured – they are always either too salty or too sweet. So I haven’t had one of those in ages. But lately, I’ve just had a real craving for fresh spiced popcorn. So I decided to make it myself, on the hob. And you know what? It was one of the easiest snacks I’ve ever made.

Spiced popcorn

I decided to make a lightly spiced version, using a teaspoon of cumin seeds, a few coriander seeds, and salt. I ground these up a little bit in a pestle and mortar to release their delicious flavour and then did the following:

Step one: Put around a tablespoon of sunflower or vegetable oil in a pot you have a lid to. Make sure the oil coats the whole bottom of the pot and place on a medium high heat.

Step two: Add two kernels on opposite sides of the pot and cover. When those pop, you know the oil is hot enough.

Step three: Throw in the spices and around 50-60g of popping corn. Cover and shake the pot around a little to coat the kernels.

Step four: The corn should start popping pretty quickly. Wait until you don’t hear any more pops and then take off the heat. Leave for a minute or so, just in case there are any remaining unpopped kernels.

Step five: Open and enjoy! I poured the popcorn straight into a bowl, leaving behind most of the cumin and coriander in the pot. They have done their job of adding a light spiced flavour. SO delicious! I can’t wait to make it again – it’s the perfect snack for watching a film or for serving at a party or even putting in a little box and taking to work. Yum.

Spiced popcorn

Have you ever made stove-top popcorn? What did you put on it? And are you a sweet or salty person? I didn’t grow up with sweet popcorn – unless it was super sweet, as in, covered in caramel, it was salty. The first time I had it when I moved to the UK, I hated it! I have gotten more used to it over the years, but still definitely prefer salty.

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