June: Monthly meditation

June: Monthly meditation

How are we nearing the end of June? I feel as though my life is just disappearing before my eyes! I’m hoping this monthly meditation will become a new series – a way to hold on to the things that have happened for a little bit longer!

This month has been both incredibly stressful and absolutely wonderful. But now that we’re reaching the end of the month, it’s definitely ending on a wonderful note. While we were on holiday, Peter and I found out that I was pregnant, and this week we had our scan, which was a.m.a.z.i.n.g. I’m sure I’ll write a bigger post about this in a few weeks, but wow, things are seriously exciting around here right now.

Looking back on some of the other good things that happened in June…

  • My sister-in-law and her husband came down to visit and had such a fun weekend together. I’m SO lucky with the family I’ve ‘inherited’ through Peter. I get on so well with them and it’s genuinely a treat having them come to visit, which I’m pretty sure not everyone can say about their in-laws!
  • An ad, what I made, was on TV. In fact, it’s still on TV for another few days. So. Exciting. But seriously, if I ever say ‘hey, let’s do a TV ad’ again, remind me that it’s really very stressful for someone used to the speed and ease of digital marketing, and probably I should just back away slowly.
  • Two friends from childhood had healthy babies and another friend announced that she is pregnant, with the most amazing photoshoot of her, her husband and their little boy. I’m so happy for all of them and it’s made me really happy that Facebook exists, even if I do have a bit of a love/hate relationship with it most of the time.
  • We got a quote for doing up our bathroom. Right now, a brand new bathtub – with feet! – sink, toilet and radiator are sitting in our spare room – they were delivered last week – and are just waiting for installation. Now we’re just waiting for a date the builders can make it but hopefully we’ll be getting them in at the end of next month/beginning of August. Then one room in the house will actually be finished!! The builders are also going to do some work that needs doing in our living room, which means we’ll finally be able to decorate that room, too. I seriously cannot wait. Having some finished spaces in this house will be a great feeling.

Did you miss anything that happened on the blog this month? Some of my highlights…

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