In my kitchen

So, we moved in to our new home around two months ago, and although the kitchen initially felt the most settled, because we unpacked that room first, I’m now starting to think about rearranging everything. We have an entire wall of shelves, which is brilliant, but when we moved it, we basically just unpacked everything on to the shelves, with no thought for whether it was the best place to put them. Eventually, I’d like to share the ‘Oooooh look how pretty it looks’ photos on here, but thought I’d share some snaps of the room as it currently stands, before any reorganisation and decoration takes place.

In my kitchen - bits

All of our glasses are out on one shelf, sharing space with knick knacks like this hippo butter dish my parents got from a safari trip they went on last year, and this olive bowl we picked up at the Thames Festival a couple of years ago. Eventually I’d like all of the glasses to go in a cupboard somewhere, because I worry about them getting covered in dust all being out as they are.

In my kitchen - camera

A camera and a cake stand. This cake stand is lovely, but gets used about once a year, so I want to find something pretty and colourful to go in it.

In my kitchen - containers

Peter has a complete obsession with glass jars. We have so many. This shows about 25% of the ones we have. But they aren’t displayed that well at the minute, with some of them lying empty while things that are meant to go in them sit around on the shelves in their original packaging. This is the problem with any system that requires decanting things from one package into another – it relies on you to actually do the decanting! But when they are arranged nicely, as they were in our last flat, they look great, so it’ll be nice when they are all properly set up.

In my kitchen - cookbooks

If Peter has a glass jar obsession, I have an obsession with cookbooks. So. Many. Cookbooks. I actually think they look pretty good at the minute – they are colour coordinated by spine, because I’m a bit odd like that, with cards (like this AMAZING card from my god daughter!) in front of them. They can stay.

In my kitchen - plants

At the minute we just have a few plants on the shelves – this tradescantia, a pot of basil, and an orchid that has lost all its flowers for another year. They look a big sad and separate as they are – I need to find some way of making them work together a bit better…

In my kitchen - wine rack

And finally, how’s this for the classiest wine rack you’ve ever seen? Well, even if it is made from old cardboard wine carriers from the supermarket, there’s Moet in there, and it’s what’s inside that counts, right?

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