The week that was: Week 29

The week that was: Week 29

Photo from last weekend’s hilarious London Film and ComicCon. Hilarious because I was there with a large chariot in the shape of a Viking boat. As you do. There were also so many people in costume – Chewbaccas, Darth Vaders, pirates, princesses – it was hot and sweaty in the convention centre, but pretty fun all the same.

I have the day off today!! Hurrah! Sadly, my day off coincides with our builders, so there’s no lie in for me. I’m heading out of the house as soon as I can, to find a coffee shop and have a lazy breakfast and read my book. AH that sounds amazing. I love a random day off.

This weekend one of my favourite people is in London, and I’m taking her for lunch at The Dairy and then hoping against hope that the weather holds out so that we can do something fun outside in the afternoon.

Things I’ve loved this week:

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