October meditation

October meditation

Ten things that have made me happy in October:

  1. I got promoted at work! Hurrah! That was a Good Day. Between that and our office move (which will make my commute MUCH shorter), I feel pretty motivated about my post-maternity leave. Of course, this may change once the bump becomes a little person…
  2. It’s been a little more slow going than I’d like (what do you mean you aren’t finished after 3 1/2 weeks?), but the loft is really progressing, which is amazing to watch. The plasterboard is all in now, meaning that you can walk around and it really feel what the size of the space is like. And guess what? It’s big!
  3. Heading down to Brighton to see a friend and her new twins. To say she hasn’t had an easy time of it is the biggest understatement you could make, but she is a massive inspiration to me in how she has dealt with a situation that would make most people completely break. Just one of the strongest, kindest people I know.
  4. My mum got me a really lovely housewarming gift – in September, a professional landscape designer came round and assessed our garden and talked to Peter and me about what I liked, what I wanted, what I didn’t want, etc. And in October, she came over again and gave us some plans! The plans look SO beautiful. Our budget is pretty much non-existent after the loft, so she planned it so that we can do the majority of work ourselves apart from the very beginning stage. It’s not a plan for right now, because frankly, we have enough on our plate, but definitely something we’ll start thinking about next spring!
  5. We started NCT and it was good. Everyone has told me “You’ll make such good friends at NCT” but that seems like an awful lot of pressure for a bunch of strangers thrown together because they happen to be pregnant at the same time. But they seem nice and it’s actually really reassuring to speak to people who are going through the same stuff at the same time as me!
  6. Seeing two friends tie the knot at an absolutely beautiful wedding earlier this month. They are so well suited and both such lovely people. The speeches were great, the food was amazing, there was dancing, and it was just a great day, even if our taxi did end up in a ditch at the end of the night!
  7. Every year, Peter and I buy a new decoration for our Christmas tree, and we found ours pretty early this year, when we popped into the Liberty Christmas store as we were passing by one day. I am pretty excited/nervous about Christmas this year – I’ve convinced myself that the baby is going to arrive on Christmas morning (just like baby Jesus HA!).
  8. Grateful for a very good friend who took me to a massive John Lewis and talked me through all the baby things – what she bought that was a waste of money, what she has that she’s going to give me, what I absolutely need to buy, etc. It was so helpful and just such a nice thing to do.
  9. I love love love having a bread maker. I’ve always wanted one, and now that I do I wish I’d got one sooner! I’ve used it three times now, meaning three delicious, fresh “artisanal” breads for around £1 each. I’ve made two seeded loaves and a baguette so far, but you can basically put what you like into the loaves! So good. Another housewarming gift from my mum. I think the pregnancy has made her feel super keen to help me nest!
  10. Pumpkin.

Next month I’m looking forward to a big tea here with my cousins, Thanksgiving, friend Christmas, fake Christmas with our families, going to Hammersmith for work for the final time, and hopefully having the loft finished…

In case you missed it this month: Inside our new bedroom; Mindful birthing; Lighter flapjacks; Creating an organisation workstation.

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