The week that was: Week 41

The week that was: Week 41

How has this week gone so quickly? How are we 10 days into October? How am I only 12 weeks away from my due date!? Ahhhhhhh. I’m trying to be more mindful and ‘be in the moment’, but honestly, time is doing something ridiculous right now. This week has just gone so quickly – I really can’t believe it’s Friday already.

On the plus side, the little bump is getting bigger, our loft work is coming along and starting to look really exciting, and two projects I worked on were shortlisted for awards! So I’m ending the week feeling pretty chuffed. The bump is also SO active right now – constantly wriggling about and making sure I don’t forget about it. And I can play with it! If I prod my belly a little bit when it’s wriggling around, it prods me back! CRAZY! This pregnancy malarkey has a lot of horrible side effects – initial throwing up, sciatica pain, heartburn, inability to sleep to name a few (oh, and I had my first nose bleed ever in my life this week, awesome), but whenever I feel it moving about, all that stuff is kind of irrelevant, and I just feel so happy and excited about it all. So. Yeah. It was a good week 🙂

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