November meditation: Happy Thanksgiving

November meditation: Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! When I grew up (in Trinidad and Mexico), it was not a thing in our family at all. Then when we moved to the US, it still wasn’t a big deal. I spent it with friends a couple of times, my parents and I went out to a restaurant a couple of times – it was nice, but we had no traditions around it.

But then while I was at university, my parents had people round for Thanksgiving a couple of times, and really enjoyed it. And ever since they moved to London, they’ve hosted people round at their house for a huge Thanksgiving feast. Now it’s one of my favourite evenings of the year. So tonight I’m off to theirs, for dinner for 12. There will be turkey and stuffing and probably some very delicious other side dishes (while I go for ‘healthy and quick’ when I’m cooking, my dad tends to go for ‘full of butter and cooked over 3 days’ with his recipes, so whatever he makes is guaranteed to be incredible). There will be friends and family, and lots of conversation and I’m just really looking forward to what I know is going to be a lovely night.

Every year, I have more to by thankful for, and this year feels like the biggest one to date. This next paragraph might be a bit sick inducing so, skip it if you don’t want to read a small (large) dose of self-satisfaction.

This time last year, my entire life was different. Isn’t that weird? 2013 was really hard, but so much can change in just a year. All the work we put into our flat in Brixton paid off (combined with a crazy housing market!), and allowed us to buy a house slightly further out. We have stairs! We went on the most amazing delayed honeymoon, with sun and hiking and whale spotting and just enjoying each other’s company. After an awfully long time trying, with doctors first telling us we needed to become healthier, then telling us we were too healthy for treatment (!), I got pregnant. My pregnancy hasn’t been a breeze (hello morning sickness and heartburn!), but it has been healthy  and so far, there’s been nothing that we couldn’t handle as a couple. In fact, I’d go so far as to say I’m kind of enjoying being pregnant now. And as well as those big events, I’m privileged enough to have the most amazing husband, supportive, loving parents, and some incredible friends, all here in London…

Sorry. That’s enough. I just feel so, so lucky and the whole point of thanksgiving is to say thanks for the things you feel you’ve been blessed with over the year! So thanks very much 2014, you’ve been amazing. And, all being well, 2015 looks as though things will be set to get even better. Getting older isn’t so bad, after all, is it?

Happy thanksgiving!

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