Things to do before the baby…

Things to do before the baby comes

Today is my first day of maternity leave! Well, technically today is my first day of my holiday before my maternity leave starts, because I saved up loads of leave specifically to be able to end a little bit early, but I’m not going back into the office so, I think it counts.

It’s a really lovely time of year to have some time off. In theory, unless the babe gets here early, I should have just over 3 weeks to relax, catch up with friends, and get some things sorted out in time for its arrival.

The things to do before the baby comes are…

  • Go out for a slap up meal – We did this last night! I got dressed up and met Peter in town for a gorgeous meal out.
  • Visit a Christmas market or two. I’m planning to go to the Crafty Fox Market this weekend with my mum and then to the Southbank Christmas market with Elena next week, so think this one is covered. I’ve pretty much finished my Christmas shopping, but it’s always nice to pick up a few extras for friends and family!
  • Make my Christmas cards. I was going to buy them, but then I got an idea for making them, so I’m going to do that instead. Now, if only I could find the blank cards…
  • Make some more freezer food. I’ve got some really good things in the freezer right now – some tomato soup, some pumpkin and kale lasagne, some corn muffins, and a few other bits, but those aren’t going to last me very long, so I’d like to make some more – a big vegetarian chili, a chickpea and coconut curry and some meatballs at the very least (recipes to come if I manage to make them!)
  • Bake some peanut butter and oatmeal cookies. Because they are delicious and make good gifts, too.
  • Sort out the baby’s room. Right now, the baby’s room is full to the brim with miscellaneous things, most of which need to end up in the loft. I really want to go through all the stuff, and at least decide what needs to go upstairs and what needs to stay in the room. Then, I’ll get Peter to move it all for me and start actually preparing the nursery.
  • Get a pedicure. I can barely even put my socks on, let alone paint my nails, so if I have a quiet day and want to get out of the house, this is what I’m going to do.
  • Work out our finances for next year. Oh god, so dull, but so needs to happen before the baby comes. I just need to sit down with all our account information and the spreadsheet of my expected 2015 salary and figure out how much we’ll actually have at the end of each month when I go on to statutory maternity pay (and as a result, how much we need to not spend each month until I get to that point).
  • Pack the hospital bags. Last on the list but probably the most important… I have my list of things that need to go in them, and I pretty much have all the goods, but at some point, the various bits need to make their way into the bags. Someone suggested that I get Peter to pack them, so he knows where everything is, which strikes me as a very good idea!

How many of these things I’ll actually do, I’m not sure, but here’s hoping I get through a few of them at least.

Is there anything you think should go on the list? What am I missing? Am I trying to do too much? I am not very good at just sitting around the house unless there’s something (aka a baby) to distract me!

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