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Loving London

Earlier this week, Peter and I celebrated our third anniversary. We didn’t exchange presents (just cards), but Peter got me some gorgeous flowers, and we treated ourselves to a day out on the day after. Peter took the day off work, my parents babysat, and we headed in to London. It was a really great day, so I thought I should write it down to remember it…

I can’t tell you how much I appreciate central London now that I almost never visit it. Parts of it are frustratingly busy (hello, Oxford Circus, I’m looking at you), but even just one or two streets away from there, it calms down and it becomes a wonderful city to explore and people watch in.

We had such a great day – we hired cycles in Battersea Park, then walked across the bridge, hired cycles again to take us to Pimlico, then took the tube up to lunch at Yauatcha. I’ve been once before, and the food was definitely as good as I remembered. The highlight for me was definitely the prawn and beancurd cheung fun. YUM! Dim sum is one of my favourite types of food, and cheung fun is my absolute favourite type of dim sum. I’d never had it with beancurd before, and it was scrummy.

After lunch, we meandered down to get some gelato and Gelupo, which I’ve wanted to go to for ages, having eaten at and loved Bocca di Lupo some years ago. Then, finally, we kept wandering through the streets, through St James’ Park, down to Victoria and home again. It was just a wonderful day out.

That SAME DAY, I finally had my first physio appointment. My back has always been bad, but pregnancy and carrying around a small baby have really not been very good for it, so it was great to start the process of having it treated. And that SAME DAY (it was a really busy day), I went to my evening yoga class, which was incredible. It’s almost 90 minutes long, not expensive at all, and at the end of my road. Plus it’s so good, I come away with so much energy!

On the downside, that same day, in the evening, Theo fell over and bit his bottom lip, which started bleeding and bleeding and bleeding. He was, understandably, so upset. It was very sad. Of course it stopped bleeding quickly, and he stopped crying (and seemed to have forgotten all about it pretty quickly), but I hate seeing him get hurt so much. I can definitely see why some parents want to wrap their children up in cotton wool to prevent them from ever being injured!

How was your week? Here are a few things I read that I thought might be worth sharing…

  • On the back of a reading Twitter chat I take part in (#theyearinbooks), I’ve started reading The Sea House. Intriguing so far.
  • Unsurprisingly, us bloggers are quite an introspective bunch, constantly musing on the state of blogging. I read two really interesting posts on this over the week (here and here). Both kind of reached the same conclusion – to feel passionate about your blog, you need to use it as a genuine outlet for yourself. I know that is definitely the case for me – I love sharing recipes, but if that was all I did, I think I’d have stopped a long time ago!
  • I love the Sisterhood idea, mostly because it’s all so photogenic!
  • When wellness becomes unhealthy. I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately. I may need to write some thoughts down about it at some point, as it’s something I feel quite strongly about, but I’m not sure why. Why should other people’s eating habits bother me? It’s nonsensical, and yet…
  • I’ve updated my Summer Reading List with all the books that I read over the summer. There were a lot! I’ll be putting my Autumn Reading List together soon, which officially started with the equinox on Wednesday.
  • I’ve written TWO guest posts lately. One food post, for Cathryn, and one ‘hilarious’ motherhood post (I wish!) for Tori. Look out for links to those soon, but I’m very excited by both!

What have you been reading? Does anyone have some really good blogs they’ve been reading lately? I fancy discovering some new ones, and would love your recommendations!

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  1. A Life Less Physical

    September 25, 2015 at 8:23 am

    Your date day sounds wonderful! I love exploring London, which is so easy to forget to do when you live here.

  2. Carie

    September 25, 2015 at 7:39 pm

    Happy Anniversary! And thank you for the link to the wellness article, I thought that was very interesting and so true that much of the fad hasn’t encountered science since school. I think it doesn’t bother me what people eat until it impacts more than just them, eg if it actually makes an illness worse and costs the NHS a gazillion or too. Mostly I like whoever it was who said “eat food, not too much, mostly plants” sounds right to me!

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