1. We did everything you mentioned above and it’s worked out great. We also used the Doidy cup instead of bottles for breast milk when J went to nursery and it worked out great. In fact, it was more of a struggle for the nursery staff, who were insistent on a bottle and finally saw that it was better and easier to let J have the breast milk from the cup rather than the bottle. And the parent bonus is that you don’t have ‘unteach’ them how to use the bottle! #lazyparenting

  2. Carie

    I found it took a little while for the kids to get the hang of cups of any sort, and to the idea of drinking out of anything but they all get there in the end. We’ve got much the same set up though we swapped our IKEA high chair for Tripp Trapps which have been great and just as easy to clean. Have you read River Cottage baby and Toddler cookbook? There are loads of great BLW recipes in there too.

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