This week’s link love

This week's link love

How’s your week been? Mine has been over in a flash, and all of a sudden it’s Friday and tomorrow, Peter and I are going to Newcastle to see our new nephew without Theo. Our first night away from the baby and we’re going to spend it with… an even smaller baby! Fingers crossed though, we can pop our earplugs in and get a lie in. I’m hoping to sleep until 7:30 am. That’s how low things have gotten – 7:30 am is now officially a lie in. I’m very excited, but also very nervous – I hope my parents get on okay with him! They look after him once a week, so he’s pretty accustomed to them, and he’s spent the night at theirs a couple of times now, but you never know with babies, do you? Any tips for the first night away from mum and dad?

Here are a few things that have caught my eye this week…

  • I’ve been reading A Spool of Blue Thread by Anne Tyler and I think I’m probably going to finish it tonight. It’s very, very good. Family dramas, when well done, are so compelling. The same can be said for The Nest*, which I’ve just been reading for work. It’s also very, very good and features a very dysfunctional family and a very large inheritance. I actually enjoyed it so much, I think I may have talked myself onto the marketing campaign, which I wasn’t previously working on! Ha. Now I’m reading The Last of Us for work*, which is totally different – child survivors after the end of the world. Think Lord of the Flies crossed with Station Eleven.
  • I ordered up an Oogaa plate after seeing it on a few Instagram feeds last week, and I love it! I feel like I’ve massively upgraded Theo’s eating from slopping everything on to the high chair. Also, it’s marginally easier to clean up (although let’s be honest, he still gets food absolutely everywhere when he eats…)
  • Last week, I went to Deen City Farm. I have been wanting to go to a city farm with Theo for ages, and this didn’t disappoint. It was really fun. He wore his welly and stomped about in the mud, while I tried to make him look at the animals. Apart from one owl, which was rattling about in its cage (in a way that made me feel a bit sad, actually – all the other animals had way more space!), he didn’t really take much notice of the animals – he just wanted to walk here, there and everywhere!
  • Oh Joy‘s nursery collection is so lovely. I was thinking of ordering the cot sheets, but I can’t make the international shipping work. If you’re based in the US and fancy buying some for me, I would really like the scalloped pink or the alphabet.
  • Speaking of gendered/non gendered colours (ok, I didn’t mention it, but I was thinking it as I said I wanted the pink sheets for my son. But they’re really nice sheets! And I’m pretty sure the colour of his sheets isn’t going to affect him in any way, right?), this post from Kate about rebranding pink made me well up a little bit on the train!
  • While this post from Sara made me actually laugh out loud on the train. The photos in this post are just… hilarious and more that a little bit creepy (in a good way? Is that possible?)
  • Have you watched the trailer for Room yet? This book made me weep and I literally couldn’t get through the minute long trailer without crying. Think I might have to give it a miss…
  • Gutted

What else has caught your eye?

*I work for a publishing house in London, so I have to read a lot for work. If I mention a work book, I will star it. Please note that there are affiliate links in this blog post, but I never link to anything I don’t actually like (and if I don’t like it, I will say!).

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  1. Sus //

    January 15, 2016 at 8:45 am

    Love these links – especially the one from Me and Orla, what a fab blog ey? Hope you’re nice and cosy Katie 🙂

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