#LifeCaptured – Memories from April 2016

LifeCaptured - Memories from April 2016

Taking part in the LifeCaptured project, sharing memories, month by month.

Write about three friendships which you’ve made online.

Two standout lovely people who I’ve met online, and now met offline a few times, are Elena of Randomly Happy, who I met at a mutual bloggy friend’s house in Essex, and Jen of Inky Collective, who I met at last year’s Blogtacular. They are both so lovely and so easy to talk to – really good sorts. The third is not a person, but a whole bunch of people – I’ve recently joined a Whatsapp and Facebook group of about 45 mums of babies of varying ages. We all met through Robyn Wilder on Instagram, and now have a very chatty group. They’re AMAZING. I feel like I’ve found my mum tribe, for sure. Sadly not many of them live in London, but hopefully we can arrange some kind of get together this summer.

What did your family used to do on weekends when you were little?

My grandparents used to own a house in Toco, which is very off the beaten track in Trinidad. We’d drive for hours into the jungle and end up at this ramshackle house, where bats slept in the children’s bedroom, and a ‘bath’ meant washing down with a bucket. There was a teeny tiny private beach, that I remember one year being covered in man’o’war jellyfish. We used to go there pretty often when I was little, otherwise we’d go to Maracas beach for shark and bake for breakfast, then my parents would drink a cold beer or two while I ran around with my friends on the beach and in the water, then we’d head back to my grandparents’ for Sunday lunch. My memory is pretty poor, but it strikes me as a very idyllic childhood, now!

Have you recently argued or disagreed with anyone?

Yes. I’m writing this on Tuesday evening and I had two arguments (/’heated discussions’) with people at work today. I came home feeling stressed for the first time since being back to work! Luckily one of the discussions was short and we apologised to one another almost immediately afterward. The other one is still making me steam a bit. I attempted to respond to an email about it tonight but my reply became so passive aggressive I had to delete it.

What did you like to buy from the school canteen?

When I lived in Mexico, I’d sometimes buy Molletes from the tuck shop, which were crusty bread, cut in half, smothered in frijoles and melted cheese. Ooooooh man it was so good. Then, when I was in high school in New York, our canteen used to make the MOST AMAZING chocolate chip cookies, and I’d get three of those and a little packet of milk, and have that for dessert. So so good.

What are two things you would like to change about the world we live in. 

1/ I would solve the Israel-Palestine conflict and 2/ I would make the people who say ‘there’s no need for feminism in this day and age’ right, by making a world where there genuinely isn’t a need for it (there DEFINITELY still is today – just take a look at the #WhenIWas hashtag on Twitter to see just a small sample of why it’s needed)

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