Weekend link love

Weekend link love

How is it already April? I know I’ve said this pretty much every single month, but time is just speeding by at the minute. My three days in the office are over so quickly, and before I know it, another Friday has rolled around. It’s nice, but sometimes I just want things to slow down a bit, you know? Hopefully this weekend we can just take some time to relax and savour the time we have together.

A few things to read for your weekend:

  • I’m still reading Essentialism at home and SS-GB on the train. Both are great, in very different ways! It’s been nice having a bit of non-fiction in the evenings, to have something different from what I spend my whole working day thinking about, but I’ll be happy to go back to fiction.
  • Speaking of fiction, as soon as the paperback comes out, this is going straight to the top of my TBR pile.
  • Stylist’s ideas of ways to squeeze fitness into your work day are okay BUT I’m a big fan of the toilet break stretch. If I’m feeling stiff, I go into the disabled loos and do a very short standing yoga sequence. Ha, if I accidentally forgot to lock the door and someone walked in it would be mortifying, but it really does make me feel better.
  • I’m taking part in Susannah Conway’s April Love photo challenge on Instagram for, I think, the third year in a row. I love this series.
  • We all need a bit more boredom in our lives. This goes back to what I was saying about time passing quickly – when your spare moments are instantly filled with Instagram and Twitter and Facebook and reading news headlines, it’s hard to be bored these days, but letting your mind wander is a great way to find inspiration and really leads to trying new things.
  • So nice to read a dad’s version of a birth story. I’ve actually written mine up. I’m just deciding when (and if!) to post it…
  • A restaurant in New York has invented the sushi burrito and I want one so bad!
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