Happy Monday & Happy May

Happy Monday and Happy May

Happy bank holiday Monday! How beautiful was the weekend? The sun was out both days, and on Sunday we were outside WITHOUT COATS. It was pretty fantastic. We went to the Deen City Farm in Morden, which was a really nice day out. Theo fed a lamb and had a huge grin on his face and I think my heart exploded. He was also on good form for most of the day, which was nice, as he’d been really grumpy on Friday and Saturday. Sadly his sleep lately has been terrible. He slept so well while we were in Cornwall last weekend, it’s a bit rubbish having midnight wakings again. We both end up being quite grumpy on very little sleep.

We had a bit of crappy house news last week. For absolutely ages, we’ve been planning to do a kitchen extension. We’ve been talking about it, and planning out what would go where, and how we’d arrange the table and whether we’d have space for a sofa and we got an initial quote and it looked okay and then… we got another quote, which was insanely expensive, and so asked the original builder to come back and requote. Turns out the original didn’t account for quite a lot of the stuff that we’d need doing and it is way more expensive that we’d anticipated. So, the plans have been shelved. To be honest, I’m more disappointed than I thought I’d be. I wasn’t a huge fan of the plan in the first place (mostly because I couldn’t face doing Theo’s naptimes with drilling and banging happening just downstairs!), but I guess I caught the vision from Peter, and could see us enjoying the big open space. We still really need to do the kitchen (all of the appliances are on their way out, and the dishwasher recently leaked, meaning the floor around the sink is completely buckled), but we’re completely rethinking everything. Hopefully just doing the kitchen will mean a much quicker and less disruptive build, so that’s one positive. I’ll share before and after photos on here once it all happens.

Anyway, you might have noticed that I haven’t been sharing much link love around here lately. I’m going to be doing them on a monthly basis, rather than weekly, along with a little life update. Hence this post! So, without further faffery, here are a few things I’ve been enjoying lately…

  • I did a bit of shopping! I bought three dresses, in anticipation of nicer weather. This red number, for a wedding I’m going to in June, this stripey dress, which I’d quite like to buy in every colour, and this denim one, which I picture myself frolicking about in all summer when it’s hot and sunny (so, the one day in September, then)
  • In April I finished three books (well, and bits and pieces of a few others for work): Essentialism, SS-GB and Break In Case of Emergency. Essentialism was interesting, and although it was very much preaching to the converted, it has really made me question what I’m doing at work and otherwise. Moving this post to monthly, rather than weekly, was a direct result of reading the book. I love writing these posts, but keeping up with it every week was getting to be too much – it stopped being fun, which is kind of the point for me. I’ve actually changed my new tab window at work to a quite aggressive ‘Is this essential?’ message, which keeps it top of mind! SS-GB and Break In Case of Emergency were two very different books I read for work. SS-GB is a dystopian alternative reality where England surrendered to the Nazis, preventing the second World War; and Break In Case of Emergency was the story of a woman working at a celebrity’s hobby charity. The description of the work and colleagues make me cringe so badly! But it kind of suckered me in – it was funny, funny, funny, until serious bits start sneaking in, and I shed a little tear on the train. Really enjoyed it.
  • I’m currently halfway through The Long Way to a Small, Angry Planet, which is great so far. A fun bit of sci-fi.
  • Trying to channel this revolutionary new parenting method whenever I start feeling stressed.
  • I’ve made loads of real life friends from the internet, and although I go through phases where I feel like I need a detox, generally I’d say this post describes me pretty well right now.
  • 50 healthy meals you can make in under 20 minutes.

What have you been up to lately?

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  1. Carie

    May 2, 2016 at 9:13 am

    Totally with you on the who does this – naming your baby is one of the most fun things about having a baby!!

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