A family trip to Spain

Spain - El Rabido

On Saturday we got back from a week long, family holiday in the south of Spain. My parents, Peter, Theo and I headed off to a little town called El Portil, halfway between Seville and Faro. It was so nice to get some time out away from London and our little routine. It’s probably the last chance we’ll have to go away for quite some time, as soon I’ll be too pregnant to travel, and I can’t quite picture us doing much travelling next year when we have a toddler and a newborn!

The highlights for me were:
  • The beach was a 5 minute drive, and is Theo’s absolute favourite place on earth. Digging in the sand, splashing in the waves, chasing seagulls… he just had the best time, and so did we. Because we travelled out of season, the beaches were very empty. The first day we went, there were a few other families there, but most of the time there were only one or two other people sharing the entire beach with us. I feel a bit like we’re bringing him back into captivity by coming back to London – he just loved having so much open space around him.
  • The lack of our early morning alarm clock. My dad wakes up most days at 5, so he took the morning shift (and usually the night shift, too, if Theo woke up at night! He’s good people). Our room had black out blinds, so we actually caught up on sleep. Miracle!
  • Seeing Theo with my parents was wonderful – he loves them so so much. They’re definitely his favourite people – well above Peter and I.
  • The pool was was freeeeezing, but still so nice to have a pool to splash around in, although if it were my house, of definitely put a fence around it so that the vigilance levels could drop a tiny bit.
  • Theo mostly consisted on bread at lunchtimes, being not a hugely creative eater, but the rest of us ate very well. Paella, tapas, venison stew – everything we ate, everywhere we went, was delicious. And cheap!
  • One night, my mum, Peter and I were taking some photos of the sunset, and a flock of flamingos flew overhead! We later found out that there’s a lagoon nearby where they start returning to in September and October. So exciting to see them just there above our heads like that.

Spain - me on the beach

It wasn’t all roses, there were definitely some negatives to the trip. Namely not being able to understand what hours anything was actually open (Carrefour – open 9am-10pm on Sunday, but shut at 4:30 on Friday. WHY!?). Theo’s naps were horrendous, and we ended up having to start every one of them in the car. One day he didn’t nap at all. I found it quite stressful. And our return journey was SO LONG because of a delayed flight – that is a day I won’t be rushing to reminisce about.

But overall, it was just such a wonderful holiday. Travelling with a toddler is not easy, but it’s so, so worth it if you can muster up the energy. Especially if you can rope some parents in to help you get a bit more sleep!

Spain - Theo the adventurer

PLUS, the absolute highlight of the trip for me was Theo saying mummy and daddy for the first time (instead of mama and dada). I loooooove this. Every time he says it, my heart goes soft. It felt like the icing on the cake to a really great trip, plus we get to take it home with us!


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