Love Love Love list: April 2017

Things I loved in April

It felt like April showed us the light at the end of the tunnel. The weather was beautiful, we had the paddling pool out, I felt like an irresponsible mother for not having any suncream or swim nappies or rash tops, but how great was it to see the sun so often, even if it didn’t last for the whole month? Being able to go into the garden makes the day so much easier. Theo can dig about, I can sit and do some weeding or have a cup of tea, and Beatrice can watch us from her bouncy chair in the shade. Everyone is happy with a minimal of effort.

Other things I loved this month are…

  • I mentioned the garden. This is my rough plan for the garden. We bought tomato and squash seedlings from Suttons, inherited some seed potatoes from my father-in-law, and planted seeds for lettuce, courgettes and dill. We’ve also got strawberries, raspberries and a few other bits from previous years. This time of year is my second favourite (absolute favourite is when all those strawberries bear fruit), and I’ll do a little post about it soon so that you can see what’s been going on.
  • I bought a dress and two bathing suits from I kept being advertised them on Pinterest, and I finally succombed. The reviews of the site online all said that the delivery was shockingly slow, but I figured I didn’t really need any of the items straight away, so I’d give it a go. Actually, they arrived really quickly. The bathing suits looks awful, and have since been sold on ebay, but the dress is lovely – shame I didn’t think about whether I could breastfeed in it! Still – it’ll be great for later on in the year when I’ve stopped
  • I read Happier at Home, which prompted me to write this post on ways to foster positivity
  • I also read the super short My name is Lucy Barton, which I enjoyed, but wish I’d read all in one go rather than in little bits and pieces in the night.
  • And finally I gobbled up The Woman in Cabin 10 in two evenings. Really fun mystery, reminded me of Agatha Christie a little bit.
  • I also started reading another book which I actually had to stop reading about 10% of the way through because I disliked it so much. Because of my job, I don’t like publicly criticising books, but if you’re interested, shoot me a message.
  • I’ve been in a bit of a blog rut recently, but reading the Branch of Holly ebook has made me feel revitalised about everything, so look forward to more regular content coming soon.
  • Also on the Branch of Holly website: 18 ways to improve your self-belief
  • Loved this post about how to spring clean your life
  • Sweet potato eggs benedict looks yum!
  • It was Easter we ate far too much chocolate, including these mini egg nests. Personally, I would use 150g chocolate for this recipe, so if you want to make some (chocolate nests are for life, not just for Easter), that’s my advice.
  • There is a fascinating article about productivity
  • I’ve started doing Yoga with Adriene’s 30 Day Challange (which is clearly going to take longer than 30 days!!) and loved these yoga affirmations I came across

How has your month been? Done anything cool, read any good books or discovered any great blogs lately? 

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