Early summer in the garden

A couple of months ago, I wrote about the work we were doing in the garden. We dug it up and put in some raised beds, with lots of plans for planting vegetables and flowers and making ourselves a delicious edible garden. So, two months on, it’s early summer in the garden and…. it looks great!

A quick reminder on the before:

And now?

We have… broad beans, grown from seed, with nasturtiums growing up around them at the same time. Apparently nasturtium flowers attract bugs that eat black fly. I certainly hope that’s true, because at the minute, I’m having to clean the flowers and leaves every few days to keep the little blighters at bay!

June in the garden

We have… a very busy bed! From front to back: Carrots and leeks, planted next to some sage (not pictured) – again this is companion planting which in theory keeps off bugs. So far it seems to be working. Behind those, there are some rows of beetroot, then some flower sprouts, and finally, the broad beans.

June in the garden

Behind that busy bed, we have a much more sparse one. This contains courgettes and squash plants, which aren’t growing as quickly as I’d hoped. I had planted more, but some bastard animal (either a fox or a cat) keeps jumping in to the bed and digging up the plants. They only attack the same two spots, so those spots are now just plant free… At the front of this photo you can see our incredibly badly cut grass. Currently this is being cut using hand shears, which is very boring and painful for my back. This weekend we’ll be investigating other options – any suggestions?

June in the garden

Our ‘patio’ – we’ve got some mint, thyme and chocolate mint, our very small barbecue, which is being replaced soon, and our tomatoes, which were planted a few weeks ago and are coming along nicely. We’ve got six tomato plants in total, all different varieties, and all planted in different parts of the garden. Different parts get sun at different times of the day, so it will be interesting to see which does best! So far, the plant in the very back of the garden (behind the courgette and squash) is winning.

June in the garden

Just planted yesterday: some tiny strawberry plants! I have such clear memories of picking strawberries and raspberries year after year in my grandmother’s garden – I hope these grow (and the raspberry cane, unpictured, also grows) and lets Theo have the same experience when he’s just a little bit older…

June in the garden

Gardening is such a relaxing pursuit for me. It’s so nice each evening, when Peter gets home, to head out in the garden for 30 minutes or so. Weeding, cleaning the leaves of the broad beans and lettuces, watering, (badly) cutting the grass, getting my gardening gloves dirty… it’s such a nice way for me to spend some time on my own, without the baby!

Are you growing anything this year? If I could recommend ONE thing to grow, it would be cut and come again lettuce. It’s super easy to grow. We’ve already had so much of it, and it grows back within days! I grew mine from seed, and have some more seeds left in the packet, so think I’ll be planting some more this weekend.

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